Les Miserables (Schönberg · 2013)

"Les Misérables" de Claude-Michel Schönberg "Les Misérables" de Claude-Michel Schönberg

2013-2015 Music and Stage Director: Ian Sorrell. Set Design: Oriol Vaz-Romero Trueba. Production: Lycée Français de Barcelone / AEFE. Photography: © Esther Alsina

Les Misérables. Opening Credits, final Editing DVD. Barcelona: The Purple Dog Audiovisual Studio. DVD (MP4): 1:33:20.

Prologue: The prison of Toulon, 1815 ("Look Down!"/Work Song).

Prologue: The prison of Toulon, 1815 ("Look Down!"/Work Song).

The Bishop of Digne offers food and shelter to Valjean (Prologue).

Montreuil-sur-Mer (1823): "At the End of the Day" (Act 1).

The Song of Fantine: "I Dreamed a Dream" (Act 1).

A Life of Criminal Depravity: "Master of the House" (Act 1).

Montfermeil: Under the Claws of the Thenardiers (Act 1).

Paris, 1832: "Look Down" (Act 1).

The Final Battle: Valjean carries Marius through the Sewers but collapses in Exhaustion (Act 2).

Everyone at the Barricade is Killed except Valjean (Act 2).

Thénardier is looting Bodies: "Dog Eats Dog" (Act 2).

After the Barricades: "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" (Act 2).

At a Convent, Valjean awaits his Death, having Nothing left to Live for (Epilogue).